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Buy a round sink brush (for hand washing dishes) cut the handle off. Drill a hole through middle of the round brush and insert a bolt about 1.5 — 2 inch long from the bristle side up through the plastic head. Put a nut on it at the plastic head, to hold the bolt in place.

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8 months ago
Excellent in Every Way We used them a couple of years ago to clean all of our upholstered furniture that had been languishing in storage during our move. They did a terrific job at a fair price. More recently we had a situation where we thought we needed a carpet spot cleaned but, when the rep came out, he advised us that we had actually taken care of the problem ourselves and left with a smile and a handshake. We will definitely be using them again and have nothing but praise for their work and work ethic.
- Alexa C
8 months ago
After having to turn away another company for doing a good ol' bait and switch, I had called Reliable Carpet And Tile, hoping I would receive a different experience. It was for our office and he was very professional and charged the price that he actually said it was going to be, unlike other carpet cleaning services. He went the extra mile to steam some of our cloth cubicle walls, and watching for our furniture. Thank you for the great work! We appreciate your honesty, and professionalism.
- Brayden H
8 months ago
I had Reliable Carpet come out to my house to install new carpet and tile cleaning. All I have to say is they did an amazing job! This isn't the first time I've used them either. I've had Reliable Carpet repair the binding on multiple rugs in my rental house in Bremerton as well as properly clean my orientals. They came in and had the carpet cleaning job done in 3 days, I'm absolutely in love with my basement and enjoy going down there. The crew was an absolute joy to work with. They're to the point and dont jerk you around with the price either. I highly recommend using them. I will most certainly be using them in the future.
- Chris K

How To Clean Your Carpets

Dust can be very damaging to your carpet as it blots out the beauty and cleanliness of your house and also causes various allergies to your family. Obviously, you do not want such a thing to happen so it is important to learn how to rid your carpet of dust.

However, cleaning dust from carpets is not as simple as it looks. Some people might think that sweeping or vacuuming is enough, but this is absolutely not the case. Read the following article to discover how to rid your carpet of dust effectively.

First thing’s first

Not wearing shoes that you wear outside in your house is the absolute biggest prevention. You should also vacuum regularly! Make sure that you have a vacuum that has a beater bar, a bar that actually picks up dirt from the carpet.

You can clean a carpet manually as long as you don’t care getting sweaty and all dirty. You can even have a carpet cleaning party. Invite your friends over, that will be fun and productive, both.

Use a nozzle attachment to clean hard to reach areas. The edges of the carpets and the baseboards often collect dust which should first be removed.

If furniture cannot be moved, use the cranny extension to reach under couches and other pieces to remove dust bunnies.
Vacuum both horizontally and vertically. First vacuum the entire room forward and back, then repeat the process going left to right. Carpet fibers are typically twisted, and by going both directions you can ensure that every part of the fiber has been reached.

This can especially be helpful if you have pets because it will remove dander and hair.


Pre-vacuuming is very important to remove fine dust grains from your carpet fiber. Pre-vacuuming will remove dust from the edges of the carpet that allows dust to settle more quickly than any other area of the carpet. Choose a carpet cleaner that does pre-vacuuming before steam cleaning.

Careful, stains!

Oh, this habit is everywhere to wipe the dirt! You do this when polishing shoes, washing dishes, even if the stain remains. But on the carpets rubbing leads to the spread of the stain. Also, there is a high chance that you rub dirt into the fabric - this is the right path to a permanent spot.

No matter what cleansing agent you use, please remember that to remove stains it is important to apply the product to the stain and leave it so that the liquid is absorbed into the fabric and fibers. To protect carpet fibers, you need to pay attention to the direction of movement when cleaning the stain. Spotting the stain from the inside out prevents it from spreading further.

Try Using the Club Soda

Beer or wine stains are expensive accidents you cannot afford to neglect. They can ruin the appearance of your carpet if left unattended. One of the best ways to attend such stains is using club soda.

First, use dry cotton or sponge and dab the area to take out as much as liquid. For removing the stain or greasy appearance spray or sprinkle club soda over the area, the aeration from club soda lifts the stains. Dab the stains and repeat the process till there is no residue left behind.

By keeping your carpet in good condition, you will avoid health hazards like dust mites or pollen from spoiling your indoor air quality.

If you are in need of professional carpet cleaning, call the carpet experts at Reliable Carpet And Tile >> (360) 209-7693

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