Posted on Jul 11, 2019

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Arrangement of counters in Kitchen varies according to the size and shape of the kitchen with relative location of work center. The kitchen layouts should permit the continuity of kitchen activities such as:

Gathering the materials required for preparing food from storageCleaning, cutting, mixing for initial preparation of foodCookingStoring and serving the food required at meal timeCleaning of utensilsStoring of utensils

Straight Line

In the single wall modular kitchen interior design, all the working zones of kitchen are arrange in such a manner which comes along on a single wall. Major kitchen work zones here we refer with Cooktop / Hob, Built-in-Oven, Built-in-Microwave, Built-in-Refrigerator, Built-in-Dishwasher and much more. Typically, such kind a single wall modular kitchen interior design can be organized with at least 8 feet (in case of less all appliances/accessories can not be fit into the modular kitchen).


The parallel shape modular kitchen also recognized as the passageway style of kitchen, in this design you can have your appliances, cabinets and sink on two parallel walls to make a minute way between two sets of cabinets in your kitchen. It is simple to arrange a well-organized work triangle in parallel shape kitchen design; however, this design truly caters to one cook. Parallel shape modular kitchen design is primarily the product of requirement. This type of design f
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